Leave the design to us.


Think beyond your company colors.

We can help bring your brand to life with your target audiences and position you at the center of the conversation. When preparing for an event/trade show, it is critical to present a coherent corporate image. To deliver a memorable brand experience, every element of your booth should be united by imagery that is unique to your company. This includes booth design, graphics, signage, promotional literature, color scheme, and giveaways.


Open Sketchbook Showing Conceptual Drawings

Design Services

  • Advertising: Let us help you create targeted ad copy to help promote your presence at the trade show/event.
  • Environmental Design: This is where we help bring your brand to life for your audiences to interact with you at the trade show/event.
  • Web/Interactive: We can help you create targeted landing pages with a call to action your sales team can use and follow up with pre and post trade show/event.
  • Collateral: From handouts to tchotchkes, we have you covered! We can help you create compelling informative pieces to display and/or help you find that perfect give away that helps people remember you.
  •  Social Media: Need help joining in on the trade show/event conversations? We can help share your experiences and get people engaged with your brand!



You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Our Marketing & Branding Services team works closely with you to fully understand what your brand represents, beyond the logo and colors. By fully understanding your brand, we are able to deliver integrated marketing strategies that go beyond your exhibit.

We can help you design elements that will extend your brand experience before, during, and after the show.